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Hotel with a modern history and a pleasant location

Where did the ABBA success story begin?
Well, the current BEST WESTERN PLUS Priceless Hotel Linkoping - at least according to one of the hotel’s owners, Bengt Pettersson.
Linköping Castle is the oldest secular -
that is, non-church - building, dating
back to the 1100’s. Many bishops and
governors have lived here over the
centuries (even if part of the castle was
actually a prison in the 1700’s).
Hotel lies just a stone’s throw from the
castle, and while not nearly as old, it too
has hosted prominent figures just like
the castle, though more on that later.
Bengt Pettersson together with
Stefan Carneteg has owned the hotel
since 2011 and proudly claims that it is
now fresh and totally renovated - and he means ‘total’:
“We have been engaged in the
renovation since 2014 and have gone
through every single millimetre of the
hotel - everything is completely up-todate
now !”, he says.
The hotel is a neighbour to the
castle, with a location that makes it
both central and somewhat secluded
at the same time.
“It’s right next to everything you
would want in a city centre, whilst it’s
also possible to take kick back and
chill out if you want.”
He explains that it is easy to find
and get to the hotel from the E4,
although not as close to the motorway
as when it opened in 1960.
“Then it was called the Rally Hotel
and was beside was what was then
Motorway 1. Each room had its own
parking place and it was a popular
stop for musicians who pulled in
between gigs. It was a combination of
a hotel and a motel, where both guests
and their cars were catered for.”

Now the hotel has a mix of business
travellers and weekend guests, and
has succeeded in becoming popular
among many - being ranked number
one on TripAdvisor, says Bengt
“I think it is largely because we can
offer a special mood and atmosphere.
It permeates everything from the
decor to the staff and amenities, and
even to the breakfast on offer.”
Among the amenities are a fitness
centre, open-air swimming pool and a
jacuzzi, while the breakfast is ‘perhaps
our signature’ according to Bengt
Pettersson. Best Western’s breakfast
concept – Best Breakfast by Tina
Nordström – is included in the rate for for overnight guests.
“Our restaurant Beer & Burger is
something else that we are proud of.
With a choice of 15 different burgers, I
can guarantee that everyone can find
their personal favorite!”

>>Among the amenities are a fitness
centre, open-air swimming pool and a
jacuzzi, while the breakfast is ‘perhaps
our signature’<<

But what was that thing with ABBA?
Well, the year was 1966, and it was a
sunny early summer weekend. The
Hep Stars (with Benny Andersson) and
the Hootenanny Singers (with Bjorn
Ulvaeus) were both out on Folk Park
tours and happened to play in Ludvika
on the same evening.
“First up was Bjorn’s band, and then
he stayed behind to listen when the
Hep Stars went on. With their interest
awakened, the bands decided to meet during the next weekend in
Linköping”, says Bengt Pettersson.
The whole thing, however, almost
became an anticlimax, Benny
misunderstood and thought that they
should meet in Lidköping ...
“They had set off for Lidköping, but
had to turn east to Linköping where
the Hootenanny Singers waited. When
they finally came together they started
the party at the Rally Hotel. When the
bands were forced out, the party
continued in the park by the castle.”
The day after - or rather, later the
same day - both Bjorn and Benny were
called up for military service, and
were probably not in the best shape...
“A few years later the first song that
the two wrote together was released,
and in 1970 the famous quartet
performed in public for the first time -
so I think that history was probably
written that June night in the hotel!” 
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